Introducing Treasure Hunt

Create an unforgettable brand experience with a digital treasure hunt.

Introducing Interactive Q&A

The Interactive Q&A Card acts as a tool to run and moderate a forum-style live event, whether in-person or virtually.

Does Customer Engagement need a Boost of Joy?

Check out how Hungry Jacks, Up Bank, Mecca, and Foxtel are spicing things up with surprising experiences that keep customers engaged 🤩.

Introducing Komo’s Badges, Contacts & Workflows

Introducing our 3 newest features that optimise your workflow, track user behaviour, and create a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more!

4 Ways to Grow In-Stadium Engagement

If there’s a category of marketing activations that we at Komo know a lot about, it’s in-stadium!

Top Client Activations of 2022

Let’s have a look at what our top 5 Client Activations were for 2022, along with some key campaign details and what they helped to achieve for our...

Do Digital Coupons Work? (2021)

Learn how digital coupons work effectively to drive sales and foot traffic, gather qualified first-party data, and build customer loyalty.

What is gamification?

Learn about gamification. How and why you should implement it into your business...

6 Tips for Creating an Engaging Quiz

Learn how to create a quiz that is engaging and converts visitors with Komo Digital. We share 6 successful tips for creating an engaging quiz.

Using Data To Deliver Personalised UX

Deliver personalised UX for your customers with Komo Digital's latest feature. Learn how to capture data on your customers and provide a unique...

The Complete List of Komo Engagement Tools

Read all Komo Digital's top tips and overviews of every piece of gamified content right here, and help your brand receive the exposure and support it...

February Product Update

You've tested through everything and are ready to go live but what's the next step?


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