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Introducing Treasure Hunt

Create an unforgettable brand experience with a digital treasure hunt.

We all know and love treasure hunts. The thrill of solving clues and moving through different areas of the real world with pen and paper. Komo’s latest innovation, the Treasure Hunt card, is where engagement meets excitement. A tool that seamlessly blends the physical and digital worlds revolutionizing brand engagement.

The Concept 

The Treasure Hunt card is inspired by traditional scavenger hunts, where users will move through a physical (or digital) space by solving clues or finding QR codes to complete challenges. As users progress through the hunt, they can unlock new experiences and rewards and ultimately continue to engage with your brand.


Similarly to our other content cards, your Treasure Hunt can be promoted via any one of your marketing channels (e.g. a live embed on your website or app, a QR code in a physical space, via social media, etc.). They will be invited to join the challenge by completing a data capture form and beginning their adventure.

What’s in it for Brands


The main aim of this concept is to optimize traffic within physical (or digital) spaces. By orchestrating a journey at your venue or in your space, brands can control and direct the flow of participants to maximize exposure to key areas.

Imagine your venue full of activity and your customers come across the Treasure Hunt challenge. Coming to your venue with just a mobile phone and shopping bags in hand, this is your opportunity to enhance consumer engagement and create memorable experiences that linger long after the adventure ends.

In creating a positive experience for participants, one of the benefits is maximizing the time spent in the presence of your brand. Customers immerse themselves in your brand through the Treasure Hunt as they tackle challenges and explore all avenues of your venue - whether it takes 5 minutes or 30 minutes to complete, participants will have your brand’s undivided attention!

To top it all off, this tool offers seamless integration to support partnerships, retailers, and sponsors. Picture this - a new retailer has just opened up at your venue and you want to make customers more aware of their business. Why not create a checkpoint outside of the retailer and direct the community to that space to one, engage with your brand and two, create an opportunity for cross-promotion?



Want to see this game concept in action? Play through our Treasure Hunt from the Komo Hub below.



If you’re interested in learning more about Treasure Hunt, request a product demo below and we’ll personally introduce you to this new mechanic and how it works as a part of our comprehensive customer engagement platform!

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