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How businesses are using Komo for market research

Learn how Komo uses gamification tactics to achieve industry leading market research response rates.

Market research. It's something all successful businesses undertake consistently to learn more about their customers and inform their decisions around existing or new products and services.

There are several issues with traditional market research methods that often prevent businesses from doing any type of market research at all.

First of all, market research can be both an expensive and timely exercise. Then there's the problems with data. Often the data you get back isn't accurate. This is because the customers that are willing to answer your market research surveys don't necessarily represent the views of your average customer.

Therefore, the challenge for businesses is to conduct market research that is both time and cost effective, whilst simultaneously representative of the average customer.

Enter Komo.


Komo is all about using gamification to engage your customers while non-intrusively achieving your commercial objectives. In this case, conducting market research. 

Built into some of the templated Engagement Tools that are available to Komo users is the ability to integrate market research questions into gameplay. This can currently be done on polls, Live Trivia, quizzes and checklists. 

Let's take Live Trivia as an example. This Engagement Tool is a game for your customers to compete against each other at the same time in a game of speed and skill to prove their brand loyalty or show off their knowledge. Read about how Marvel Stadium utilised Live Trivia in-stadium if you want to learn more about this tool specifically. 

On average, our brands will create Live Trivia games with 12 questions, with up to 3 of the questions being based around collecting market research. 

Brands will use these questions to ask things like, "What's your favourite product?" or "Which of these four services do you wish we added to our range?". 

Live Trivia Market Research Examples

The options are endless and the smarts of the integration into gameplay ensure users get bonus points for answering the questions (this results in a 99% response rate to market research questions asked through Komo). Furthermore, the data from the market research questions is stored separately in the Komo user portal - so you can easily analyse your market research results. 

Last but not least, you can even re-market to your customers based on their market research answers but you can read about that here.