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The importance of first-party data

What is first-party data mean? How can you collect it and why is it important to your business...

We’re on the verge of the ‘Cookiepocalypse’ – are you ready?

As concerns about data privacy have grown, internet browsers have announced that they will begin phasing out third-party cookies.

For years now, cookies have been a stalwart in marketing and advertising due to their ability to track user’s browsing history and construct profiles of consumers’ habits and interests.

This situation, aptly called the ’Cookiepocalypse”, has left marketers scrambling for an alternative method to target customers.

However this just highlights the importance for businesses to invest in first-party data.

Simply put, first-party data refers to data that is collected by the business itself rather than an entity that customers don’t have a direct relationship with.

In essence, first party data gives back some of the power to the consumer. However, as the data is collected with the user’s consent, and is owned by the business, data privacy issues are mitigated.

The key benefit behind first party data is that it provides consumer focused information that can then be used to tailor messages to consumers.

This is integral when a business looks to personalise customers experiences and increase sales.


With Google assuring users that it will not be creating any substitute to cookies, first-party data is only going to become more important.

This means businesses need to ensure that they have the proper measures in place to effectively transition into a ‘cookie-less’ world.

First party data can be collected through a range of different methods including; owned and operated websites, apps, point of sale, surveys and owned social media.

Komo’s Audience Engagement platform is one tool that has been effectively supporting many businesses in their effort to gather qualified first-party data. 

Our gamified content format enables businesses to unobtrusively gather first party data, while providing their customers with a highly engaging digital experience.

Facebook publisher, Basketball Forever, recently launched a digital experience with Komo that more than tripled their database.

If you would like to have a chat about how Komo can help you collect first-party data for your business, get in touch.