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Using Data To Deliver Personalised UX

Deliver personalised UX for your customers with Komo Digital's latest feature. Learn how to capture data on your customers and provide a unique experience.

The future of marketing is personalisation so what's stopping brands tailoring the digital experiences they offer to customers? We think it's two fold:

  1. Barrier to entry - there aren't many affordable platforms that brands can use to create the right experience to access the right data.
  2. Limited first party data - some brands just don't have the right first party data in order for them to personalise their experiences. 

Personalisation has been a key topic during our product strategy meetings for some time, and now we are excited to share how Komo's new feature is a huge step forward in our mission to help brands easily customise the customer experiences through the data they willingly provide.  

The feature is called Personalised Prizes, and to be frank, it does what it says on the tin. Brands using Komo can now provide their customers with personalised prizes and communications based off the answers they provided in games. 

Let's take an imaginary soft drink company for example. If they were running a game of Live Trivia and one of the market research questions in the game was "What's your favourite drink from our range?" with the answers being orange, lemon or strawberry. Our imaginary soft drink company could automatically send an SMS or Email to all of their customers who answered lemon with a Digital Coupon to redeem a free lemon soft drink in a participating store. 

personalised prizing

While the personalisation element of this feature is nice, we predict that the uplift in redemption rates will be the real winner. Providing your customers with a special offer (in the form of a Digital Coupon) that's personalised to their preferences will drastically improve the chances of that customer redeeming their Digital Coupon in-store. 

But what if you're an e-commerce store or a sports team without a 'bricks and mortar' store where you can send customers in to redeem an offer? This feature also enables you to personalise the communications you send based off your customers responses in-game.

For example, you could send an SMS with a link to the T-Shirt section of your e-commerce store to all users that interacted with your T-Shirt content in your Engagement Hub or a highly targeted EDM to purchase season tickets to fans that said they would be interested in purchasing one in your market research questions rather than a generic piece of communication to all of your users. 

We are really excited to see how brands using Komo will use this feature to personalise the way they interact and engage with their customers. If you would like to see this feature in action, feel free to book a live demo.