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From One to Many: Introducing Multi-page Hubs

Build and launch as many pages as you require, while centralizing all within a single Hub.

Last month, we at Komo were excited to launch our highly-anticipated (and much-requested) Multi-page Hubs feature. This release was the culmination of many months of work from our talented development team and coincided with an entirely new Hub editor experience. With a single launch, the Komo platform has been given a powerful makeover that not only facilitates a much more intuitive Hub creation process but gives brands even greater flexibility to build and scale their promotional efforts.

Hubs are the home for your consumer promotions and include games, competitions, quizzes, polls, and forms. Up until this point, Hubs consisted of a single page that centralized this content, however, with the release of Multi-page Hubs, you can now build and deploy multiple pages that sit within a single Hub. For this reason, Multi-page Hubs unlock a world of possibilities for building and launching promotions.

Here’s why it’s a game changer.


Craft your vision with a flexible canvas

While Komo gives you the power to quickly and easily create powerful promotions through its extensive library of pre-built and DIY capabilities, a templated approach is not always the best. Each of your promotions have their own unique requirements, goals, and complexities, so flexibility from an execution standpoint is a must. 

Multi-page Hubs make this flexibility a reality. No longer do your promotions need to be confined to a single page. With Multi-page Hubs, you can build and launch as many pages as you require, while centralizing all within a single Hub.

Ways to use Multi-page Hubs

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There are a number of use cases for Multi-page Hubs, however this all comes down to your unique needs.

Perhaps you would like to create dedicated pages for additional context — think Terms and Conditions and FAQs. Maybe you’re a major sports body and would like to create individual pages for each team within your competition, all housed under your parent brand and domain.

Whatever your use case, Multi-page Hubs has you covered.

Spend less time in the configuration stage

More moving parts mean more complexity right? Not with Multi-page Hubs.

We’ve designed this feature to accelerate and streamline the creation of Hubs and make your configuration efforts a breeze. Through Hub-level configurations, you’re able to quickly and easily apply settings across multiple pages instead of having to manually tweak every single page. Whether you want to carry the same SEO settings across pages, replicate Cards you’ve already created, or clone entire pages, Multi-page Hubs now gives you that power. And of course, flexibility is key, so you still have the ability to edit all settings at the page level if that’s what you require!


Showcase a cohesive brand identity




Your brand is everything. You’ve spent extensive time, money, and effort building it up and creating a brand that consumers remember and love. For this reason, maintaining brand consistency across all touchpoints is sure to be a key priority for you. 

With Multi-page Hubs, you’ll have confidence that your brand identity carries through on every page you build. Easily apply your styling, including fonts and colors, logos, social media icons, images, and links across as many pages as you desire, without the hassle of having to tweak every aspect of your brand on every page.

Now you can spend less time fretting over the small (though important) stuff and more time building killer promotions that are going to bolster attention retention.


Experience Multi-page Hubs for yourself

Multi-page Hubs is currently available for all customers on our Enterprise plan. We encourage you to read this in-depth knowledge base article and try the feature out for yourself. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates coming to Multi-page Hubs in the near future. 



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