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A Short Guide on Using User Generated Content to Boost Engagement

Want to know how to use User Generated Content to boost engagement for your brand? Read this short guide from Komo Digital for more information.

Need to create more content for your business? Why not get your customers to create some for you?

User-generated content (UGC) has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years and simply refers to any content that a brands’ consumers have had a hand in creating. Another way of looking at the concept is, you’re not marketing at your audience, you’re marketing with them.

Companies have been making the most of this phenomenon to better engage with customers and to bolster the amount of content their company produces.

Not only does UGC allow for your company to easily curate content but it also provides an opportunity for customers to feel truly involved with your business - which they will truly appreciate.

Whilst some organisations have leveraged UGC with huge social media campaigns, such as the Motor Neuron Disease Association’s ALS ice bucket challenge, you may choose to start with something a little bit smaller.

This is where Komo comes in. Komo’s platform is perfect for you to begin creating UGC and can scale as you become more familiar with the concept.

Poll cards can be used to reflect the true thoughts and feelings of a consumer base, which can then be used to support your businesses’ marketing campaigns and provide credibility to your messages.

Similarly, our Live Trivia action screens allow for not only an aesthetic but also an easily shareable piece of UGC for your social media platforms.

Because of the availability of information consumers have more power than ever before. As a result, businesses need to adapt and find better ways to reach customers. UGC is a must-have for any modern company and should certainly be a part of your campaign strategies.


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