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Create Quizzes in Minutes with Komo's Content Library

Komo's Content Library feature allows users to access over 40,000 questions to use throughout their digital destination's Engagement Hub.

Another new and exciting feature has arrived on Komo’s platform!

We’ve just implemented the Content Library feature, which allows users access to over 40,000 premade questions to include in their Engagement Hub!

Users can choose from a wide range of topics: from questions about ancient history to topics on pop culture such as questions on The Big Bang Theory. 

When used with other features like the integrations with Canva and Giphy, users can create engaging and exciting quizzes for their Engagement Hub in the span of just a few minutes!

Check out how you can access all our premade quizzes in the GIF below:

GIF 14-6-2021 9-08-07 PM

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