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6 Tips for Creating an Engaging Quiz

Learn how to create a quiz that is engaging and converts visitors with Komo Digital. We share 6 successful tips for creating an engaging quiz.

Creating an engaging quiz can be challenging. From picking the right quiz topic to ensuring the questions are the right level of difficulty to keep your audience engaged.

With a little strategy it doesn't have to be. Here are our 7 top tips for creating an engaging quiz. 

1. Picking the right topic 

It all starts with selecting the topic for your question. The single best piece of advice we can give you is to pick a topic that's relevant a taps into social competition. You can get granular with relevancy and use free tools like Google Trends to find out what's making conversation on the internet or it can be as simple as picking a topic on the latest Netflix show or big sporting event. This was done impressively by Basketball Forever, who more than tripled their email database by creating a quiz around the release of The Last Dance documentary. 

Social competition should play a huge favour in your decision too. Social competition is the psychology theory that taps into our tendency as humans to evaluate by comparing ourselves to others. To leverage this, pick topic that aims to find the most knowledge in a certain topic or the biggest fan of a particular niche. This will also help with the shareability of your quiz.  

2. Writing questions 

There are a couple of things to factor in when writing your questions. To start off with, our data suggests that 12 questions is the maximum number of questions you'll want to include. We have come to this number by analysing engagement rates and game completion rates from the thousands of quizzes that have been run through Komo.

You'll also want to try create questions that are challenging enough so that it's engaging but not too challenging that your audience will drop off, essentially your quiz retention rate. So what's the best way to retain your audience throughout a quiz and improve your quiz completions? We suggest starting off with the easiest questions and working your way up to the more difficult ones towards the end. 

3. The different types of questions

There are a few different types of quiz questions you can use. Try mixing up your quiz with as many different types as possible. Here are our favourites:

  • Multiple choice 
  • True or false 
  • Finish the sentence / fill in the blank
  • Guess the number 
  • Who am I? 
  • When did this happen?

4. The Wrong Answers 

When writing the wrong answers for your quiz, try to keep a level of consistency with the length of the answers. Studies show that our brains look for patterns and visual cues when trying to solve problems which means the more your answers 'look' the same, the harder they will be. 

You may not want to follow this piece of advice though. Before you set out to make the quiz, have a think about how difficult you want it to be or even set out a target for the mean results i.g "our goal is for the average person to get 8/10". If this is the case, you may want to consider creating 2 wrong answers that couldn't possibly be correct. 

Before you publish your quiz, ask some friends or colleagues to take the quiz so that you can test whether the quiz is at your desired difficulty level. In Komo Live Trivia, we have a quiz analytics feature which will allow you to study the individual metrics of each question.  

5. Use images where possible 

It's 2021 and our attention spans are shorter than ever, so use images where possible to break up the quiz and provide some visual clues. In Komo, you can create image answers and image questions which when utilised drastically improve the engagement rates of quizzes. Image questions in particular allow you to get creative and ask questions that require your audience to spot the difference or finish a famous movie quote with the added content of the actual scene. 

6. Gather market research data 

While this last one isn't necessarily a tip to create an engaging quiz, we just couldn't write a blog post about quizzes without including this tip. Quizzes are a fantastic way to quickly gather market research data to gain insight into your customers. This can be hugely beneficial for re-marketing or making data driven business decisions. 

If Komo is your chosen quiz platform, adding market research questions into your quizzes is quick and easy. Your audience can also get bonus points for answering them - which is why on average brands using Komo get a 99% response rate when including market research question in their quizzes.