Level up your campaigns with Bonus Entries & Enhanced Entry Management

Discover how Komo’s latest features, Bonus Entries and Enhanced Entry Management, can help you run and manage even more effective campaigns.

We're thrilled to introduce two powerful new features that will take your consumer promotions to the next level: Bonus Entries and Enhanced Entry Management!

Maximize Engagement with Our New Bonus Entries Feature

With Bonus Entries, you can now incentivize your audience like never before by offering additional chances to win based on their actions. Whether it's making a purchase, completing a quiz, or engaging with your brand on social media, Bonus Entries allow you to tailor rewards directly within your campaign, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

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Streamline Your Competitions with Enhanced Entry Management

But that's not all – we've also revamped our Entry Management tools to streamline the administrative side of running large-scale promotions. With features like bulk actions, disqualification, tagging, and a sophisticated filter builder, managing hundreds of thousands of entries has never been easier or more efficient. Whether you're running a simple giveaway or a complex contest, our Entry Management tools provide the flexibility and control you need to ensure a seamless promotion experience for both you and your participants.

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With these new features, you can elevate your marketing strategy and maximize engagement like never before. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and empower you to create memorable promotions that drive results.



Ready to supercharge your customer experience? Explore these exciting features in the Komo platform today or book a demo to see them in action!

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