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The Complete List of Komo Engagement Tools

Read all Komo Digital's top tips and overviews of every piece of gamified content right here, and help your brand receive the exposure and support it deserves!


Instant Polls:

Get real-time insights into consumer sentiment, run a poll on an in the moment topic or long time rivalry and only limited by your imagination.


Top Tips;

  • When using images as part of your poll change the layout to one of the larger image options to really make them stand out and use this as a product placement opportunity.
  • Ponder questions that will evoke an emotive response to increase your engagement levels within polls.

Quick Quizzes:

Run simple small quizzes to quickly engage your audience with an interactive element.


Top Tips;

  • Multiple questions mean a better quiz. Don’t be lazy when building your hub add multiple questions and challenge your audience.
  • Similar to the Poll Card, play with the layout to find the best one to suit your questions.
  • Image questions generally achieve higher engagement.
  • Add a cover image to the card and give it a catchy name to draw people in.


Engage your audience whilst gaining meaningful insights into your brand by adding a checklist and encouraging consumers to find out which outcome they are.

Top Tips;

  • Use this to gain great insights into how your consumer thinks by giving specific options.
  • Place products within checklists to promote consumption.
  • Ensure you have images and funny/interesting names for the outcomes to encourage social sharing of your content.

Did you know?

Use fun facts to engage and educate an audience with snippets of trivia about a specific topic.


Top Tips;

  • Avoid using images that have a lot going on as it can make it difficult to read.
  • Reveal something unknown about your brand, like history etc.


Number Guess:

Give you the ability to link your hub to real-life events or pre-known answers and challenge your audience to predict events and truly engage with the related content.

Top Tips;

  • Your imagination is your limitation. Think of ways you can utilise this digital technology to interact with real-life objects or events. Get creative.
  • Hit the settings button and make sure you’ve set the range correctly.
  • Use creative imagery for the slider button to encourage engagement.


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