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5 In-stadium fan engagement ideas using Komo

Make your next game-day one to remember with these five fan engagement ideas using Komo...

Fans are the main driver of revenue in sports, making it extremely important to create a memorable match-day experience so that your loyal fans keep renewing their season tickets and your fanbase grows. Here are five in-stadium fan engagement ideas using Komo to make your next game day a success and keep your fans coming back for more. 

1 - Live Trivia

Keep your audience entertained from the start of play to the final whistle by running a game of Live Trivia during the half time break. Live Trivia is great for engaging the crowd and a fantastic opportunity to integrate your sponsors. With features such as team selection, you can generate some friendly competition between fans, whilst Komo’s easy to use Action Screens can seamlessly be displayed on the in-stadium big screen to provide a live account of audience responses.

2 - Find the Secret Code

Keep the crowd on their toes by hiding a secret code in the stadium. There are many applications for the Secret Code but it's mostly used to create a fun way to enter a competition by making fans search for the secret code around the stadium. We suggest using it to direct fans to places that drive revenue such as the merchandise store or food kiosks.

3 - Match Day Instagram Filter

Supercharge your Instagram reach, and create an opportunity for fans to share content from their game-day experience with AR filters. Plenty of industry leaders such as the Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic have embraced the trend and have been using the technology to develop user-generated content that promotes their brand. This is a great option to increase social reach and provides a reason for fans to post about their favourite team. 

4 - Photo Competition

The photo competition has long been a staple of in-stadium activations and it still remains one of the most popular methods to engage crowds today. Similar to a matchday Instagram filter this competition provides fans with a reason to post about their team, increasing your social reach.

5 - Pre-Game Predictions Competition

Running a pre-game prediction competition where fans have to guess the outcomes of the game is a great way to keep your supporters invested for the whole match. Give out prizes as an incentive to fans and incorporate sponsors to provide everyone involved with a fantastic experience.

Overall, Komo has a wide array of in-stadium activation techniques that when combined can provide your fans with the ultimate match day experience.


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