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10 Statistical Insights for Marketers to Take into 2023

We’ve gathered 10 of the most influential marketing statistics to inform your strategy in 2023!

As marketers, we know how important data is to our work. Data informs almost every move we make, from setting goals and KPIs to writing content, all the way down to budgetary decisions. 

With the amount of data out there, much of it contradictory, it can be hard to know what insights are most relevant and most useful for your brand or organisation. 

Considering this, we’ve done the hard yards and trawled through the research to uncover the 10 most important statistical insights to take with you into 2023. Read on and take notes! 


1. Short-form video is In 

Short-form video has taken the digital world by storm in the last two years, and the trend continues on its upward trajectory. According to Hubspot (2022), short-form video sits in first place in terms of ROI and will be the most popular form of digital content in 2023. 90% of marketers are set to increase or maintain their investment in short-form video this year, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to get on board! 


2. SEO takes the stand

SEO looks to be on the up this year, ranked the highest-performing conversion tactic in terms of ROI (Hubspot, 2022). According to Wordstream (2022), over half of all website traffic is a direct result of SEO. Leveraging your own website in order to convert and push consumers through the marketing funnel is looking to be one of the most cost-effective and achievable ways to reach your goals in 2023.


3. Get your brand on Youtube, real quick 


Youtube is set to see the most growth of any social platform in 2023 (Hubspot, 2022). This insight links to Youtube’s recent introduction of short-form content (Youtube Shorts), which has totally transformed the way consumers view content on the platform. Optimising your existing Youtube channel with playlists, a great eye-catching branded cover image and modifying your existing content into short-form videos is a great place to start in 2023.


4. Add some imagery! 

Did you know that blog posts with more than one image receive, on average, 90% more views than those with only one (or without any, god forbid) (Visitor Queue, 2022)? Imagery brings visual interest to your blog content and breaks up chunks of text. With audience attention spans at an all-time low, imagery can help maintain concentration so that your whole post actually gets read, not just skimmed. 


5. Optimise for Mobile 


Over 90% of all LinkedIn traffic now comes from mobile (Visitor Queue, 2022), which is a completely different experience from viewing on a desktop. It’s more important than ever to ensure your content is optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing across all social channels. 


6. Digital Continues to Rise


Going into 2023, over half (55%) of all advertising is now digital (Wordstream, 2022). Reliance on OOH, print, and other forms of non-digital advertising is decreasing, and many brands now have an entirely digital presence. This trend will continue into the future, and brands must move with this change to say current. 


7. Interactive content is the way forward

In 2023, interactive content has become the top content marketing trend (Hubspot, 2022). Content marketing today is much more than a static social post. A need has arisen to engage consumers in more immersive content that connects with consumers on a much deeper level. Platforms like ours at Komo can help you deliver this interactive content! But more on that later. 


8. Bring in the reviews 

While influencer marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations continue to be some of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and trust, reviews are close behind. Nearly half of consumers say they trust product reviews just as much as direct recommendations from others (Big Leap, 2022). Creating a page on your website for testimonials or reviews and sharing these across all of your channels is a great way to get the word out there. 


9. Push the button 

When it comes to your email marketing, did you know that a call-to-action button, rather than a hyperlink, can increase click-through rate by 90% (BigLeap, 2022)? 

Get into the habit of using CTA buttons over hyperlinks and you’re well on your way to improving those email stats! 


10. Using CRM platforms to their fullest potential is hard work 


According to Hubspot (2022), using CRMs to their fullest potential will be a marketer's biggest challenge this year. Managing a CRM takes time (which we often don’t have a lot of), patience and consistency. As data capture becomes increasingly important, we’re collecting more of it than ever before. Avoiding this challenge means ensuring you can set aside the time (and patience, and consistency) necessary to manage your CRM effectively. 

Vote for the insight that will be most important for your brand in 2023 below! 



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