Goodbye Static Strategy, Hello Gamification: How Digital Engagement Tools are Changing the Game

How Komo helps you to connect with an audience, capture useful zero and first-party data & reward consumers with real-time digital rewards to drive sales.

In today’s world, a marketer faces an endless list of obstacles that makes connecting with consumers a real challenge. Audiences are exposed to more marketing messages than ever before and have shorter attention spans than the static marketing strategies of the past. Beyond this, once an audience is engaged, how do we as marketers hold their attention? Once the marketing is done, how do we evaluate and prove its success? How do we use data captured to turn an audience into customers?

So that’s a lot of questions, but the real question is, how do we cut through the noise? The answer is ever-evolving, but it is a question that is at the heart of what we do here at Komo; Creating engaging, interactive, gamified content to help brands cut through the noise and maximise attention moments. Komo helps you better connect with an audience, capture real and useful zero and first-party data and reward consumers with real-time digital rewards to drive sales.

Mumbrella360 2022 

This July, the Komo team are attending the largest media and marketing event of the year, Mumbrella360, as a proud platinum sponsor. This event will see over 2000 delegates from the marketing industry come together in Sydney, Australia to learn and network. Sponsored sessions will take place across two days, focused on everything from breakthrough thinking in the marketing space, sustaining tomorrow with strategy, the importance of digital and social content, and how gender and culture are influencing the industry.

What to Expect from Komo’s Sponsored Session at Mumbrella360

In our sponsored session, our CEO and founder, Joel Steel will have the opportunity to talk digital activations with three senior leaders in the media and marketing space; Francis Coady, CMO at Havas Media, Ant Hearne, CCO at Australian Professional Leagues, and Leah Jackson, HODM for Goodman and Fielder. While these individuals work across entirely different industries, they have one thing in common - A wealth of knowledge and experience in building connections as a way to drive measurable ROI. 

But that is not to say that these marketing gurus haven’t also experienced challenges. While industry to industry, challenges differ, if you look closely, you can also see how they are universal. What are the problems we hear about most at Komo? Marketing teams are struggling to convert their audiences to sales and leads and obtain value from their marketing strategies. You can expect to hear a lot more on these topics in our sponsored session, with practical tips and cutting-edge advice from some of the brightest media and marketing minds. 

Our session will run from 2-2:45 pm on Wednesday the 20th of July. 


How Does Komo’s Software Solve a Marketer’s Biggest Problems?

Since 2014, Komo has been helping brands get the most out of their marketing budgets through the utilisation of gamified content to obtain higher-quality leads and increase conversion rates. Through creating an Engagement Hub, a brand is able to create their own unique games, competitions, and rewards programs that help to connect with their audience on a deeper level in a matter of minutes. What else helps brands to connect on a deeper level? Zero and First-party data. Through the utilisation of gamified content, brands are able to collect real-time data on their consumers to better understand their audience and build that knowledge over time to target their consumers more effectively. 


How Can We Get a Ticket to Komo’s Sponsored Session?

We’d love for you to join us to learn more about current marketing trends, ways to transform your strategy, and to enjoy some entertainment Komo style with live trivia and a bunch of other instant win games and prizes! If you would like to participate, you can reach out to to enquire about a freebie ticket to our session. 

If you’d like to attend Mumbrella360, Komo can also offer you 50% off your tickets with our platinum member code KOMOM36022

Book your tickets here!

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