Introducing Komo Templates: Revolutionising the Way Brands Create & Deploy Engaging Campaigns

Ready to unlock the power of immersive content with ease? Here's a Platform update that will transform the way you create & deploy interactive campaigns.

As the creators of a complete Customer Engagement Platform, we understand better than anybody that launching interactive, gamified campaigns can be a time-consuming and complex process—even when there isn’t any coding required.

First up, there’s deciding on the right game concept for your campaign. Step two is deciding how best to utilise the game concept you’ve chosen before building it out.  You’ve got to think about how you might promote it, what is going to resonate best with your target audience and how to drive action from your consumers.

While the building portion of the task is as simple as it gets when you’re a Komo customer, conceptualising a campaign that suits your industry and your target market and drives measurable business results involves a lot of steps to get right before you've even started building. 

Being the born problem-solvers we are, Team Komo have been closely observing the major challenges faced by our customers and noticed that a springboard of sorts was required to kick-start the creative process and get the ball rolling on campaign development.

Enter, Komo Templates! 

Together, our Customer Success and Content teams have worked to design highly industry and target-market-relevant campaign templates that will revolutionise the way you create and deploy engaging campaigns.

These templates are simple but powerful. It's as easy as:

  1. Find a game concept template relevant to your industry or brand with detailed search functionality.
  2. Add the template to your existing Engagement Hub.
  3. Use the content we've crafted for you as a guide to helping you create your own assets that seamlessly replace the template content. 

And you're ready to go live! 

If you and your go-to-market teams often find yourselves with these problems, Templates are going to be your next marketing secret weapon: 

"Our campaign development cycles are too long."  Say goodbye to long-term campaign builds. Templates will allow you to hit the ground running, reducing your time-to-market and accelerating your brand’s growth. 

“Customising gamified engagement tools is too hard.”  Make each campaign truly your own by seamlessly adding your own assets to a Komo Template. Personalise the messaging and align it perfectly with your brand identity. 

"A game is great, but how do we use it to attract our unique target audience?”  We understand your market and its unique demands. Komo Templates are thoughtfully crafted to resonate with your target audience, ensuring maximum engagement and impact. 

“We struggle to convert likes to leads.”  With gamified content at your fingertips, Templates will allow you to create immersive experiences that captivate your audience, foster brand loyalty and drive real, measurable results. 

Our templates serve as the perfect springboard, providing you with a solid foundation and inspiration to customise campaigns that align perfectly with your unique needs. Here's what you'll get with each and every one: 

✅ A campaign (almost) ready for action! Add your own branding assets, adjust the context and you’re ready to go.

✅ Pre-filled communication drafts ready to be tweaked for your competition.

✅ Our team have used language and graphics that are proven to drive action from your consumers. Edit these as needed and you’re ready to run a successful campaign.

✅ Branding and assets that you can replace with your own to kick-start your creative process.

✅ All the resources you’ll need to successfully build out your own gamified campaign, including a T&Cs template, design guidelines and more! 


Watch the 'Build your Ultimate Burger' Template walkthrough video below.



Watch us transform the 'Build your Ultimate Burger' Picker Card template into an interactive 'Build your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe' Picker for retail brands! 



Try the 'Build your Ultimate Burger' Picker Card Template below.


Want to learn more about Komo Templates? Book a Product Demo, where our team will introduce you to this exciting product update and how it works as a part of our comprehensive customer engagement platform!

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