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The Western Sydney Wanderers and Leeds United Fan Engagement Strategy

Learn how Western Sydney Wanderers and Leeds United engaged fans in-stadium through an effective engagement strategy with Komo Digital.

Industry: Sports 

Client: Western Sydney Wanderers

Solution: Live Trivia


Western Sydney Wanderers needed a solution to engage fans in-stadium during their exhibition match against Leeds United. They were looking to build a relationship between their fans and key sponsor JD Sports, as well as convert as many of their fans into JD Sports email subscribers. 


The Wanderers created a game of Live Trivia to find the biggest football fan in the stadium. This game was played during half-time. Throughout the Live Trivia, fans could earn bonus points for answering market research questions from JD Sports. All Live Trivia players won a Digital Coupon for free JD Sports delivery and the individual winner won a cash price of $1,500. 



6.8% of the fans in-stadium were engaged in the game of Live Trivia at half-time. These fans spent upwards of 2-minutes interacting with the game and in turn, JS Sports. 37% of players opted-in to become a JD Sports email subscriber and agreed to be contacted by JD Sports for future marketing purposes. 

About Western Sydney Wanderers FC

The Western Sydney Wanderers are a football club that competes in the Australian A-League. Dubbed “Australia’s newest, oldest club” in respect to the long history of football in the Western Sydney region and linkage to the first ever game of football played in New South Wales.

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