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Learn how Fox Sports increased revenue with Komo

Learn how Fox Sports increased revenue with Komo Digital through creating innovative sponsorship activations via our Engagement Hub.

Industry: Broadcast Media

Client: Fox Sports

Solution: Engagement Hub



Fox Sports Australia has the objective of building a relationship between viewers of their broadcast viewers and advertiser Australia Post during their coverage of the Australia vs India test match. Australia Post were looking to introduce the Fox Sport viewers to their Living Legends of Cricket Stamp campaign and create a list of ‘qualified leads’ to market once the stamp collection was on sale. 


To solve their objectives, Fox Sports created an Australia Post Engagement Hub dubbed the ‘Australia Post Living Legends Hub’. This Hub acted as a ‘second screen’ for fans watching the broadcast of the Test Match at home. Viewers used the hub to vote for which cricket legends they thought should appear in the Living Legends of Cricket Stamp collection as well as consume other exclusive cricket content. Fans were incentivised with the chance to win $200 Australia Post Mastercards for submitting their details. 


Viewers of the broadcast spent an average of over 3-minutes engaging with the Australia Post Engagement Hub per session. Over 3,000 votes were collected creating a database of qualified leads for Australia Post to remarket to once the stamp collection went on sale. 

About Fox Sports Australia

Fox Sports Australia is Australia's leading producer of live sports. They're home to Australia's favourite sports including NRL, AFL, BBL, and Moto.GP


Fox Sports has partnered with the Komo platform a number of times and we are continually impressed by its technology stack, the ease of use and integration into our live broadcast. With stadium crowd limits capped or non-existent in some cases, it is now more important than ever to find new and innovative ways to connect and engage with the viewers at home. The flexibility of the Komo platform enables us to easily create branded interactive games, content and competitions, gather live viewer sentiment and live data which can be extracted and spoken to across a broadcast. This is crucial to delivering value to our viewers but also importantly our brand partners. Being able to offer a more immersive connection between a brand and our viewers really sets us apart and enables us to generate commercial income not traditionally available through a broadcast.” - Caitlin O'Meara, Head of Digital

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