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The Engagement Strategy That Led to a 245% Click-Through-Rate on Ads

Foxtel Media produced a successful engagement campaign during the Bathurst 1000 race with a 245% CTR on ads. Find out how we did it at our Komo Digital blog.

Industry: Broadcast Media

Client: Foxtel Media

Solution: Live Trivia


Foxtel Media needed a way to engage with and enhance the viewer experience of at-home audiences for their Supercars channel during the live broadcast of the Bathrust 1000 race on their Fox Sports channel, while building brand awareness and a first-party customer database for their sponsors.


Komo’s Live Trivia function provided Fox Sports an avenue to achieve their campaign objectives. A total of six games for at-home fans to participate in were held for every 200 kilometers raced throughout the broadcast. Viewers could compete in the Live Trivia game to test their knowledge on a wide range of topics regarding racing. Grand prize winners were awarded a chance to meet the band ‘KISS’ at the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 race in addition to other prizes.



The campaign resulted in 3,370 unique users tuning in to the race and participating in the game, generating an extensive list of leads for Foxtel and its sponsors. The campaign also had a significant positive impact on sponsor brand recall rates, clocking in at 71%. In addition, the campaign reported an astonishing 245% click-through-rate on post-game advertisements. An email open-rate of 39% was also reported, further adding to the positive impact the campaign had on Foxtel and sponsoring brands.


Fox Sports Australia is Australia's leading producer of live sports. They're home to Australia's favourite sports including NRL, AFL, BBL, and Moto.GP.

Discover how you can innovatively engage your audience with Komo’s Live Trivia.

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