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Case Study: Foxtel Rewards

Discover how Foxtel Rewards utilised the Komo Platform to achieve their highest level of engagement for a campaign to date.

Client: Foxtel

Industry: Entertainment

Solution: Scratch & Win, Live Trivia, Countdown


About Foxtel and Foxtel Rewards 

Foxtel is a premium entertainment brand that connects its customers to award-winning Live Channels and On-Demand libraries from major Hollywood and international studios, featuring the best local and international drama, entertainment, movies, sports, news, documentaries, reality, lifestyle, comedy and kids' shows together with its own Australian Foxtel Originals.

Foxtel is also available through a wide range of commercial premises in Australia, including licensed pubs, clubs, hotel and motel rooms, mining camps, small businesses, hospitals, and aged-care facilities.

Foxtel Rewards is Foxtel’s Customer Loyalty Program that brings its members closer to the content they love. The program is free for Foxtel customers to join and involves thousands of free ticket giveaways, access to $12.50 Hoyts movie tickets, overseas trips to the world’s most iconic studios and sports events and much more. 

Since coming on board as a Komo client two years ago, Foxtel has expertly utilised the platform to elevate digital destinations for its flagship campaigns. These engagement hubs have helped to generate brand awareness and pre and post-campaign discussion and interest, as well as allowing Foxtel & clients to collect rich zero and first-party data.


Campaign Objectives

As Foxtel Rewards prepared for the worldwide launch of the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, the team were searching for unique ways to enhance member engagement through a memorable digital experience. It was important for Foxtel Rewards to encourage its members to engage with the show, and it gave them a chance to amplify and leverage their partnership with Crust, who were dishing out free pizzas for every new House of the Dragon episode. 



The Foxtel Rewards team expertly customised the House of the Dragon hub, featuring the Foxtel Rewards logo, Crust and House of the Dragon colour palette. This customisation allowed the hub to stimulate brand and show recognition.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 3.00.47 pm

The Hub included various game concepts that allowed members to engage with the brand and show throughout the duration of the TV series. The first was a Scratch & Win mechanic, allowing Foxtel Rewards members to instantly win one pizza every week for 12 weeks (which amounted to 24,000 pizzas across 12 weeks). 

Users were prompted to use their Foxtel Account Number to sign-up before engaging the scratch mechanic.  After playing, instant winners were sent a Komo Digital Coupon via email to redeem their free Crust pizza via a unique code, they didn’t stop there, Foxtel Rewards ensured that non-instant winners would get a discount code, resulting in more traffic for Crust and higher engagement for Foxtel Rewards.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 3.00.57 pmThe Hub also featured a Live Trivia game mechanic, allowing members to win exclusive House of the Dragon merchandise by testing their knowledge of the series. Members could track and compete with their friends by following their points on the leaderboard. Foxtel Rewards added a countdown mechanic to their Hub to keep members coming back weekly, ensuring members knew precisely when the next episode and pizza competition would be live.



By offering game concepts that could be accessed using your Foxtel account number, prizing could be redeemed online using an exclusive coupon code sent via SMS via the Komo Platform. 

02_Post_FoxtelAcross the duration of the campaign, Foxtel was able to engage over 373,298 users with an impressive Hub engagement rate of 69%. The game concepts featured on the hub were played over 68,000 times by these users, with significant traffic (87% to be exact) coming on-hub via their social referrals, loyalty eDM communications and paid ads. Using the Komo Hub alone, Foxtel was able to gather the rich zero and first-party data of over 30,209 unique users, building their knowledge base of their target audience and allowing them to remarket to them in a more tailored and personalised way for future campaigns and activations, making this their highest engagement campaign to date.



Here's what Will Sackville, Senior Partnerships Manager at Foxtel, had to say about their experience with the Komo Platform and team!

“Throughout the past two years, Komo has proven to be an invaluable addition to our team.

Komo's SaaS platform boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation of enthralling engagement hubs that surprise and delight our Foxtel Rewards members. As a result, we witnessed an unprecedented surge in engagement. Komo's team delivered exceptional support throughout the process, ensuring our campaign delivered on our objectives. 

The Komo platform helped us achieve our highest level of engagement for a campaign to date, cementing our confidence in their abilities for future endeavours.”


Check out the cards they used below...

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