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Case Study: Foxtel Rewards x Crust

How Komo helped the Foxtel Rewards program deliver a 204% return on their investment

Client: Foxtel

Industry: Broadcast Media

Solution: Scratch & Win


About Foxtel Rewards

Foxtel Rewards is the free loyalty program for all Foxtel residential customers that gives members access to the best sport, live music and movie events in Australia, plus extra entertainment, exclusive giveaways and more.

From partnering with Foxtel since 2021, our data reveals that members who engage three or more times during their annual subscription drive experience the maximum churn benefit. To yield a greater churn benefit, Foxtel utilized Komo's digital technology to transition members in the zero- and low-engagement tiers to the medium- and high-engagement tiers.


Campaign Objectives 

SMEG x Foxtel Rewards Campaign

In collaboration with SMEG and Foxtel's lifestyle show, The Great Australian Bake Off, Foxtel organized an engaging instant-win campaign for Foxtel Rewards members, featuring Komo's "Scratch & Win" mechanic. The campaign shifted 6,963 members from low to high engagers. This shift was largely attributed to the engaging Scratch and Win feature along with a
strategic "reminder" email campaign, sent via the Komo platform.

The campaign attracted a remarkable 51,635 entries and led to 1,242 new rewards program enrolments, underlining its positive impact on membership growth. Non-winning players received a discount which was redeemed 212 times, boosting SMEG's e-commerce sales.


Crust Pizza x Foxtel Rewards Campaign

In partnership with Crust Pizza, and with strategic usage of the Komo platform, Foxtel Rewards launched a four-week campaign from September 19th to October 16th, offering 10,000 free pizzas to Foxtel customers.

By leveraging the Komo platform, Foxtel was able to ensure that winners would instantly receive their unique codes for a free pizza which they could then redeem online or in-person. Komo's data validation technology verified that winners were Foxtel customers, enabling automatic enrolment in the program. Automatic targeted emails from Komo also drove significant repeat engagement.

The campaign targeted general engagement and increasing enrollments in the Foxtel Rewards program. It was successful, converting 1,699 individuals from low to high engagement levels. The campaign exceeded expectations with 22,155 entries and 595 new enrolments.



Driving Massive Engagement and Subscriber Growth

The success of the SMEG and Crust campaigns, facilitated by the Komo platform, was evident in the engagement of 41,346 members in September alone. Additionally, approximately 2,400 new Foxtel Rewards enrolments in September and October were attributed to these campaigns.



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