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Ranfurlie Teams Up With Komo To Add a New Digital Dimension To Shopper Experiences

Komo, leading digital brand engagement platform, engaged by Ranfurlie Asset Management (RAM) to provide its digital engagement suite to help bolster shopper experiences.

Developer, owner and operator of suburban Melbourne shopping centres, Ranfurlie Asset Management’s general manager of marketing Lisa Charter said it’s imperative for retailers to retain footfall by offering new experiences. However, with COVID-19 safety restrictions imposing an obvious challenge on physical activations, the answer lies with digital to secure cut-through engagement.

“With traditional channels becoming less effective and the new commercial reality of a post-COVID environment, our centre marketing wanted to find new ways to drive footfall, support retailers and build strong direct relationships with customers."

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“Komo’s dynamic community engagement platform will allow us to create and launch interactive and gamified digital campaigns quickly and reward instantly, facilitating communication, interaction, involvement and exchange between our shopping centre and its community."

“We believe this platform is the first of its kind in Australia in this asset class, providing constant value, interactive content, competitions and rewards to our shoppers and is ‘always on’– while at the same time learning about the consumer to provide a more personalised shopping experience."

“Komo’s trackable digital coupons deliver personalised offers based on user preferences to selected cohorts and result in a higher consumer uptake rate on prize offers and therefore an improved ROI for our retailers.”


Originally posted on online publication Campaign Brief. 

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