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How Comwire IT and NMFC Achieved a 66% Engagement Rate and Generated Leads

Read how Comwire IT and NMFC created an engaging digital activation for their lunchtime event to build first party-data and generate leads!

Industry: Information Technology, Sports, B2B

Client: Comwire IT

Solution: Live Trivia

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Comwire IT, the North Melbourne Football Club's sponsor, had the objective to build first-party data during their North Network lunchtime event, allowing them to generate valuable insights about the event’s attendees to utilise in their B2B marketing strategies. The campaign also had the aim of generating B2B leads to build upon their existing first-party email database. 

Another objective of the digital activation was to engage the event attendees and create meaningful customer relationships with fans and attendees in the audience.


Utilising their sponsorship to the fullest extent, Comwire IT used Komo's Engagement Hub to create an interactive and engaging experience during the North Network event. Event attendees answered trivia questions about the team and stood a chance to win attractive prizes such as tickets for the Arden Lounge at the Marvel Stadium, a Google Nest Hub, and signed NMFC jerseys. 

With market research questions and email opt-ins weaved into their Live Trivia, Comwire IT was able to collect first-party data about the event's attendees and generate leads. 


The campaign yielded amazing results for their objectives. Comwire IT's Live Trivia generated a high engagement rate of 66% among the event attendees, indicating that the campaign was successful in actively engaging the attendees. This was further proven by the total engagement time achieved by the campaign which was 5 hours and 49 minutes, with an average engagement time of 2 minutes and 48 seconds. Comwire IT's Live Trivia was also successful in generating B2B leads as indicated by an email opt-in rate of 59%.  


Comwire IT is an information technology and communications services provider based in Adelaide, South Australia. The company specialises in managed IT, cloud solutions, and phone functions, and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. 

North Melbourne FC, also known as the Kangaroos to fans, is an Australian football club competing in the Australian Football League. The team plays home matches at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Victoria and Blundstone Arena in Hobart, Tasmania.


"With North Melbourne Football Club, we leveraged our sponsorship of the North Network's corporate lunch to grow our database, achieving an email opt-in of 59% and engaging over 66% of the corporate audience, significantly exceeding our expectations.

All whilst working with the accommodating Komo team, which seemed to be available at all hours of the day/night to ensure our activation went off without a hitch!”

ComwireITBrett Crafter 

 Commercial Manager of Comwire IT


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