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Case Study: Prism & Hyundai

How Prism's WWC gamification strategy delivered over 6.7k leads for Hyundai

Client: Prism Sport + Entertainment, Hyundai

Industry: Sport Sponsorship

Solution: Countdown, Live Trivia, Leaderboard, Webhooks, Memory Challenge


Campaign Objectives 

Igniting Fan Engagement and Generating Leads Through an Unforgettable Experience

Hyundai and Prism teamed up with a dual mission for the FIFA Women's World Cup: to electrify fan engagement and strategically accumulate leads. As the official mobility partner, Hyundai aimed to craft an immersive fan journey alongside Prism, elevating the event into more than just a spectacle of sporting prowess but a unifying and exhilarating experience. From brainstorming to executing a grand giveaway, including a brand-new Hyundai Kona and tickets to the WWC final, the partnership sought to create an engaging competition experience that felt as natural and exciting as the Cup itself. This well-crafted experience served a dual purpose, encouraging fans to willingly share their data, thus providing Hyundai with invaluable insights for crafting future customised campaigns and offers.



The Hyundai Hub - An Engaging Experience that Balances Fan Delight and Lead Generation

Prism developed the Hyundai Hub on the Komo Platform to tackle skyrocketing fan engagement and strategic lead generation. This digital haven fused an interactive Live Trivia on the tournament's history, an immersive Memory Challenge, and an ever-ticking countdown timer to keep the Women's World Cup fervour at its peak.

The Hub was designed to be both engaging and fair, implementing a dynamic Trivia Question Pool system to randomise questions and deter cheating. A leaderboard further spotlighted top players, keeping fans invested in their progress and the competition. The added allure? The chance to win a brand-new Hyundai Kona and tickets to the Women’s World Cup Final in Australia.

But the experience wasn't just about fun and games. It was calibrated to capture voluntary fan data in an organic manner. The rich data insights sustained the event's excitement and furnished Hyundai with invaluable customer insights. This seamless blend of entertainment and strategy allowed Hyundai to craft future campaigns that speak directly to their audience's needs and desires, positioning the brand for long-term success.
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The Hyundai Hub's Triumph: Outstanding Engagement Amid a Historic World Cup Run for the Matildas

Set against a backdrop of a groundbreaking performance from Australia's Matildas, the Hyundai Hub delivered spectacular campaign results. A collaborative commitment to immersive fan engagement racked up an impressive 10,262 unique interactions with the Hub.

img_Hyundai_case_study_1 (1)

The campaign's undeniable success was further highlighted by an astonishing 73% engagement rate—a clear signal of how well the Hub's features resonated with fans. Fans dove into the experience, clocking 6,757 entries across both game elements. This trove of data is now a valuable resource for Hyundai's sales team, supporting their aim to build personalized relationships and amplify lead-acquisition strategies. In short, the numbers were a ringing endorsement of the campaign's goal to captivate fans and foster meaningful engagement.

As the World Cup countdown clock continued to tick, cumulative gameplay within the Hub amunted to 10 days and 11 hours. This showcases not just momentary interest but sustained engagement, cementing the crucial roles that both Prism and Komo played in crafting an interactive environment for Hyundai—one that harmoniously blended the thrills of the tournament with the excitement of fan participation.



Here’s what the Sponsorship Manager from Hyundai and the Partnerships Manager from Prism had to say about working with Komo:

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