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Case Study: PEP Transport

Discover how PEP Express Transport utilised the Komo Platform to boost fan engagement and promote their sponsorship of the Scorchers team during BBL 12.

Client: PEP ExpressTransport

Industry: Sponsorship

Solution: Live Predictor


About PEP Express Transport

PEP Express Transport, established in 1968, is the leading transport and logistics provider in Western Australia. With networks spanning the whole Western state and beyond, PEP transports over one million parcels annually and provides a full-service delivery, working with some of the largest organisations in the country.

For the last two BBL seasons, PEP Express Transport has been a Major Sponsor of the Perth Scorchers, the domestic cricket team representing the state of Western Australia in the Big Bash League. As a sponsor of the team, all PEP drivers and staff receive access to tickets to Scorchers home games, get opportunities to meet the players and can enter raffles to win signed merchandise and other prizes. Another huge part of PEP's sponsorship is providing initiatives that increase brand awareness and brand positioning for the Scorchers, aligning the team with a well-known and trusted brand.

Since coming on board as a Komo Client towards the end of 2022, PEP Express Transport have utilised the Komo Platform to promote their sponsorship of the Scorchers team and increase fan engagement prior to each home page during BBL 12.


Campaign Objectives

With the overarching objective to create brand awareness through brand experience, with a secondary aim of collecting rich consumer data, PEP Express Transport sought Komo's help to create a branded hub that would allow Scorchers fans to engage with both the team and PEP via an experience. The PEP team built the 'Score with PEP' Engagement Hub, a digital destination that would enable fans to engage with both their favourite BBL team and Shirt Sponsor for the chance to win some amazing prizes.

In the lead-up to the 2022-23 season of the Big Bash League, PEP wanted to launch their first Komo activation, creating a brand experience around the 7 Scorchers’ home games of the season.



The solution was to build a Live Predictor content card to add to the ‘Score with PEP’ hub, which invited fans to predict the outcome of each Scorchers home game of the season for their chance to win signed Scorchers merchandise.

The Live Predictor was an excellent opportunity to encourage participation from Scorchers fans, bringing out their competitive nature and passion for the Big Big League. The Predictor card was completely customised, with questions based on the winning team, how many runs scored, the player to take the most wickets, and more. The Predictor also included a data capture form, which allowed PEP Transport to collect the first-party data of participants, helping to build a knowledge base of their audience.

The Team at PEP also took advantage of the opportunity to include market research questions as a part of the Live Predictor card, asking users a different question at each home game. PEP Transport asked users questions such as:

  • “When you think of PEP Express Transport, what do we stand for?”

  • “Would you consider using PEP Express Transport for your work courier, transport and logistics services?”

  • “Had you heard of PEP Express Transport before our Scorchers Partnership?”

This was an excellent way to get a gauge on the brand awareness of PEP Transport's audience and allowed them to put a value figure on the ROI of their partnership with the Scorchers. 

As the success on the pitch married up with the success of this initial campaign, a secondary 'Finals Predictor' was launched to leverage the extra eyes on the Scorchers team during this finals period. To promote the season-long Predictor card, PEP Transport utilised their organic social and eDM avenues, while pre-game prompts were delivered from the MC in-stadium, as well as with QR codes displayed using the Big Screen.



Pep CS-1

Considering the span of this activation across the entire season of gameplay, the achievement of a 60% engagement rate was a significant one - the campaign saw the engagement of over 5,700 unique users and converted over 3,000 of these to competition entries with nearly 5,000 card clicks. 

PEP Transport's first activation using the Komo Platform spoke to the value of the Live Predictor in the sport and sponsorship space. Predicting outcomes has forever been a key part of the sporting arena, but through the gamification of this concept, sporting teams and sponsors alike can see measurable pre, during and post-game engagement skyrocket. This campaign also allowed PEP transport to align its brand with fans' passion points, driving brand awareness and recognition. 

As the finals predictor closed out, the Perth Scorchers won the 2022-23 season of the Big Bash League, solidifying their place as the most successful BBL franchise in history and tying off a wholly successful campaign for all parties involved.



“We would like to thank the team at Komo for bringing to life this amazing activation.  From the initial pitch, to onboarding, through to product delivery and reporting, the team at Komo were first-class every step of the way. 

The Live Predictor was an easy to use platform which allowed us to deliver a fun and engaging activation to connect PEP, the Scorchers and the fans.”

Scott Gooch, Founder & CEO at Playbookx

Check out the card they used below…

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