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Case Study: San Churro Father's Day Campaign

For Father's Day of 2022, San Churro was seeking a way to activate using the Komo Platform in an engaging, immersive and most of all, rewarding way.

Client: San Churro 

Industry: Food & Beverage 

Solution: 20 words or less 


About San Churro 

San Churro Chocolateria is an Australia-owned and operated food and beverage brand, specialising in Spanish-style Churros and chocolate. San Churro has over 50 brick-and-mortar locations across Australia and focuses on quality products, as well as providing quality experiences for their customers. 

With the goal to create a destination for friends and families to come together and share a sweet treat, much of San Churro’s marketing strategy revolves around events and celebrations they can take advantage of to promote their brand and reward their loyal customers. 

San Churro’s Komo Engagement Hub, La Churo Casa, has seen some excellent results over the last 9 months, focusing heavily on competitions and data capture. In 2022, they were able to collect the zero and first-party data of over 15,000 of their customers and prospects. 


Campaign Objectives 

Going into September of 2022, San Churro was seeking a way to activate for Father’s Day using the Komo Platform in an engaging, immersive and most of all, rewarding way. Considering their overall goals of gathering rich customer data and driving customer loyalty, San Churro knew it was important for this campaign to include data capture and prizing, and a way for their customers to engage in a Father’s Day message. 



San Churro’s solution was to use the Komo Platform to build a 20 words-or-less Card that invited their audience to share their best Dad Joke for their chance to win 1 of 5 Father’s Day gift packs. Once users had shared their joke, they were asked to share their first-party data in order to enter the competition. 

img_San_Churro_case_study_2 (1)


img_San_Churro_case_study_1 (1)

This activation achieved some excellent results for San Churro. The 20 Words-or-Less Card saw over 2,700 unique impressions and 1,621 unique entries of dad jokes. The campaign also saw a click-through rate of nearly 60%, proving the level of engagement possible using the Komo Platform. 

With previously run competitions across social media, San Churro experienced issues with scam entries and fake accounts. With entries managed through the Komo Platform with a data capture form that includes Captcha authentication, any scam entries are eliminated from the running. 

Overall, the Father’s Day campaign was a success for San Churro, collecting over 10% of their 2022 new customer data with just one campaign. 



At the end of 2022, we received this incredible testimonial from Scarlett Connor, the Digital Marketing Executive for San Churro about our work together so far. 

"This year we've done some really fun competitions on La Churro Casa for some big menu campaigns like our Winter Menu and our Summer Menu, as well as smaller campaigns like Father's Day. We are really happy with the overall results - this year we've captured over 15,000 new potential customers' data so we can add them to our CRM database and retarget them with offers and product launches. Komo is super easy to use and our Customer Success Manager, Theresa, is always on hand to help us set everything up. She always checks everything's good to go before we go live.

Another thing we're really happy about is how easy it is to manage our competitions and prizing because we've had issues in the past on Facebook with scammers and fake accounts. We're excited to keep La Churro Casa in the mix for ongoing digital marketing campaigns as there are quizzes, Spotify playlists, interactive cards and more that help bring our campaign to life digitally."


Check out the card they used below...

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