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Case Study: Football Australia Team of the Century Picker

Football Australia wanted to create a way to celebrate the Socceroo's Centenary in a way that encouraged direct engagement with the fans.

Client: Football Australia 

Industry: Sport 

Solution: Picker Card 


About Football Australia

Football Australia is the governing body of soccer, futsal and beach soccer in Australia. Football Australia oversees the men's, women's, youth, Paralympic, beach and futsal national teams in Australia, the national coaching programs and the state governing bodies for the sport. It sanctions professional, semi-professional and amateur soccer in Australia. 

Since May 2022, Football Australia has utilised the Komo platform to enhance the fan experience with the Socceroos Fan hub. Employing various gamified content cards throughout the Socceroo’s Centenary game and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Socceroos Fan Hub has allowed Football Australia to engage with the existing fanbase, understand them on a deeper level and encourage discussion and debate amongst fans. 


Campaign Objectives 

img_Football Australia_case_study_2 (1)

With the objective to grow their data assets and increase engagement with their marketing content, Football Australia created the Socceroos Fan Hub using the Komo Platform – A completely branded digital destination for fans to keep up-to-date and immersed in the Football Australia message. 

In the lead-up to the Socceroo’s Centenary at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, playing against New Zealand, Football Australia wanted to create a way to celebrate the milestone in a way that encouraged direct engagement with the fans.


The solution was to build a Picker Card to add to the Fan Hub, which gave fans the chance to choose from every Socceroos player from the last 100 years to build their ideal ‘Team of the Century’, aptly named the Team of the Century Picker Card. Players were grouped by position played and displayed with names and photos, with users choosing the position of each player on the field. 

Once fans picked their Team of the Century, they were able to share their picker to social media channels, and enter their details in a data capture form. 

Here's a look at what they created: 



img_Football Australia_case_study_1 (1)

This campaign saw over 24,000 impressions, with 2,794 unique entries to the picker. The Picker Card saw over 112,000 total item picks, an excellent result for Football Australia. 

But the real kicker (pun intended) was the level of social sharability. The Picker Card saw 1,825 total social shares across multiple platforms – that’s 65% of entrants that gave the campaign a UGC element.  The Team of the Century Picker Card created significant dialogue and debate between fans about their lineup and why it was the best, with a 5.2% virality rate.

Here's a look at how the Team of the Century looked once voting closed:

img_Football Australia_case_study_2-1 (1)

Football Australia's campaign really spoke to the value of the Komo Picker card - By inviting consumers to pick from a series of options, you introduce a new level of competitive energy. Obviously, not every person is going to agree on one Team of the Century and therefore, a campaign of this nature invites significant dialogue and discussion of differing opinions and reasoning, which as a result, meant that the Socceroos and the campaign as a whole were discussed far and wide.



At the end of 2022, after 6 months of working with Football Australia to empower them to engage their fans more effectively, we received this testimonial from Tim Baker, Football Australia’s Digital Engagement and Social Media Manager. 

“Over the course of 2022, we utilised Komo to enhance our fan experience with Fan Hubs for our Centenary Celebration and Socceroos Team of the Century vote, and for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Our Team of The Century vote in particular created a lot of discussion, sharing and engagement for the Socceroos channels as fans across social media debated their favourite all-time lineups. Combined with the World Cup, we engaged over 240,000 users via Komo alone while the platform played a part in our overall strategy that generated millions of engagements during a successful World Cup campaign.”


Check out the card they used below...

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