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Lessons From How TimTam Launched Their New Flavours on Komo

Learn how Tim Tam's innovated their marketing to drive brand awareness of their new range of flavours through Komo.

Industry: FMCG  

Client: Arnott's Biscuits Limited

Solution: Engagement Hub


TimTam were looking for a creative way to introduce their new range of flavours to their customers across digital and social and ultimately drive sales.


To achieve this in an interactive medium, TimTam utlised Personality Quizzes within the Engagement Hub. The Personality Quiz leveraged the viral ‘TimTam Slam’ challenge and asked their customers to find out which flavour they should slam with from their new product range based off their personality. TimTam also integrated market research questions into the Personality Quiz to non-intrusively gain extra insight about their customer base. 


Over 6,900 loyal TimTam customer part in the Personality Quiz to find out which new flavour they should slam. 92% of their customers completed the game, which shows the content was highly engaging. 

About TimTam

TimTam is a brand of chocolate biscuit made by the Australian biscuit company Arnott’s. Arnott’s have been providing consumer goods for Australia for over 155 years.

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