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H&M Use Gamification To Increase Click-Through Rates by 615%

H&M Kids used gamification on Komo to increase their click-through rates to product pages. Learn how they did it.

Industry: Retail 

Client: H&M

Solution: Engagement Hub


H&M Kids wanted to engage potential customers with interactive content on social media with the ultimate goal of driving revenue. 


H&M Kids created an Engagement Hub to help parents find their kid's style and browse the associated clothing options to match. This was done through a Personality Quiz where parents answered an engaging quiz about their child’s preferences and personality. Once parents had completed the Personality Quiz, they were directed to the H&M Kids website to shop for clothes tailored to their children’s personality outcome.



H&M Kids captured 2,000 emails for their database. This data was enriched with their children's personality quiz outcomes, making it highly valuable for future marketing communications. From the campaign, H&M Kids also saw an impressive 30.8% click-through rate to their website following game completion. This is 615X better than their average. 

About H&M

H&M is one of the world’s largest fashion companies with more than 4,900 stores across 73 markets worldwide.