Digitally Engaging 30% of the Live Audience with Murdoch University

Discover how Murdoch University engaged 30% of its live audience with Komo Digital's Live Trivia. Read about our case study today and be inspired!

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Murdoch University

Live Trivia


Murdoch University wanted to engage concert-goers, which consisted primarily of high school students and potentially incoming university students, at their Sound On Festival and collect first-party demographic data, simultaneously increasing brand awareness among their target audience. 


Komo’s Live Trivia feature was able to help Murdoch University accomplish its audience engagement goals by creating digital activations that allowed concert-goers to stand a chance to win a grand prize of receiving a VIP experience for themselves and 3 friends with Shawn Mendes, the concert’s headliner.

Runner-up prizes included an instant VIP upgrade for themselves and 3 friends, with every participant who registered for the digital activations winning their choice of merchandise.

A total of 3 digital activations were held during intermissions in between scheduled sets, with 3 grand and runner-up prize winners selected from each round. Komo’s Digital Coupons were used to track the number of merchandise coupons received and streamline the redemption process. 

2 iphones displaying Murdoch University's Live Trivia hub against a background of Murdoch University


With 4,832 concert attendees, the campaign reported 1,493 total registrations across the 3 digital activations, producing engagement rates between 7.8% to 30.89%. 

As a result of the digital activations, a total of 1,027 leads were generated in the form of unique total registrations. Murdoch University was displayed on the stadium’s big screen for 9 minutes in total, resulting in immense brand exposure to their target audience. The average active engagement per player was 1 minute and 43 seconds, and the total active in-game engagement was 42 hours 36 minutes and 5 seconds. 

From a pool of 1,027 total unique registrations, 751 participants opted in for the Sound On festival mailing list (73.1% opt-in rate). 


Established in 1973, Murdoch University is a public university based in Perth, Western Australia. Murdoch University has campuses worldwide, from Singapore to Dubai. 

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