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Case Study: ReedPop & Leap Event Technology

How Komo powered exclusive in-app fan engagement at NYCC 2023

Client: ReedPop, Leap Event Technology

Industry: Events, Entertainment

Solution: Live Q&A, Scratch & Win, Live Trivia, Personality Quiz, Live Data Feeds, Swiper


About ReedPop, Leap Event Technology, and New York Comic-Con 2023

Held annually in NYC, New York Comic-Con - organized by ReedPop - boasts the largest fan attendance for a convention in North America.

The 2023 NYCC Fan Hub was an in-app exclusive to fans. The Fan Hub was embedded within the NYCC app, and was pivotal in enhancing attendee engagement and brand sponsor ROI. Komo worked with our partner Leap Event Technology, who powered the official NYCC app.


Campaign Objectives & Solution 

Boosting Fan Engagement with Exclusive In-App Experience

The 2023 NYCC Fan Hub was an in-app exclusive for attendees with an activated 2023 NYCC badge. It featured engaging cards such as Live Trivia, Swiper, and Panel Q&A that were rolled out exclusively at the Main Stage.


This solution helped boost fan involvement, increase the number of downloads for the NYCC 2023 app, and enhance the visibility of sponsor and partner initiatives.


The campaign drove over 3,000 entries to sponsor-specific engagement cards and awarded over 1,800 prizes and exclusive merchandise discounts to fans. 



Delivering Next-Level Engagement

The 2023 NYCC Fan Hub was an overwhelming success. ReedPop was able to achieve an impressive 73% overall engagement rate, hundreds of additional engagement hours, and an average engagement time of over 4 minutes per fan. 

Across sponsor activations, contests and games, as well as exclusive show events, attendees were treated to a top-tier experience.


The ability to leverage Komo for fan engagement and activations is now a vital resource in ReedPop's sponsorship playbook. 



Here’s what the Event VP from ReedPop had to say about working with Komo:

"KOMO gave us the tools to find new and exciting ways to interact directly with the hundreds of thousands of fans who attend NYCC each year. In addition to providing more customer engagement points for the various activities around the show, KOMO was an incredibly useful tool for fan education about all the things NYCC has to offer." - Kristina Rogers, Vice President of Events, ReedPop


Check out the cards they used below...

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