Case Study: Bar Pop

Check out how creative entertainment agency, Bar Pop, collected rich event zero & first-party data with no digital spend, using the Komo Platform.

Client: Bar Pop

Industry: Events

Solution: Scratch & Win, 20 Words or Less, Number Guess

About Bar Pop

Bar Pop are a creative entertainment agency, specialising in creating memorable experiences through events. Operating out of the city of Perth in Western Australia, Bar Pop has built the reputation of the go-to organisation for creating world-class events in cities across the country. Recognised as a leader in this space, Bar Pop offers an end-to-end service, creating, developing, and promoting events that showcase and grow collective cultural experiences. Bar Pop's three flagship events are the experiential live music and arts festival Factory Summer Festival (formerly Ice Cream Factory Summer Festival), SNACK, and Froth Town (formerly Perth Craft Beer Festival).

Since coming on board as a Komo client in mid-2022, Bar Pop has expertly utilised the platform to create digital destinations for their flagship events. These engagement hubs have helped to generate brand awareness and pre and post-event discussion and interest, as well as allowing Bar Pop to collect rich zero and first-party data.


Campaign Objectives

As Bar Pop prepared for the 2022 annual Froth Town event, Perth's iconic craft beer festival, the team were searching for a way to enhance attendee engagement through a memorable digital experience. It was important to Bar Pop that this digital experience allowed prospective attendees and ticket-holders to engage pre, during, and post-event, closing the loop on audience involvement across the entire campaign. Being a creative agency that specialises in creating experiences, Bar Pop needed a tool where they could think outside the box with how they promoted Froth Town.

With the objectives to build brand and product awareness, grow event engagement and collect rich data, the Froth Town Digital Engagement Hub was born - a completely branded digital destination for prospective attendees and ticket-holders to engage with this iconic event in an immersive way.

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The Froth Town Hub was customised expertly by the Bar Pop team, featuring Froth Town's logo, colour palette, and their catchphrase, 'good times on tap'. This customisation allowed the Hub to stimulate brand recognition thanks to its association with such an iconic event.

The Hub included various game concepts that allowed users to engage prior to, during, and post the Froth Town event. The first was a Scratch & Win mechanic, giving festival-goers the chance to win one of the festival-release beers on show at the event. Users were prompted to enter their first-party data to enter, before engaging in the scratch mechanic. After playing, winners were sent a Komo Digital Coupon via SMS to redeem at Froth Town. Pre-event, the hub also featured a Number Guess, asking users to guess how many beers would be poured at Froth Town for their chance to win a festival merchandise pack. These two pre-event activations build momentum for Froth Town and played into the psychology of play and reward, increasing the excitement and interest of ticket-holders and prompting prospective attendees to purchase an event ticket in order to redeem their prize - but more on the results soon.

Once Froth Town was over for another year, Bar Pop knew they wanted to collect market research in the form of event feedback, informing future strategies for their events. To do this, the team created a 20 words or less card, which asked attendees to fill out a data capture form and leave feedback about their favourite stand at Froth Town for their chance to win 1 of 5 limited festival release beer packs.

To promote the Froth Town Hub, Bar Pop took advantage of the local media platform, So Perth, which published various pieces on the event in the lead-up with direct links to the Hub. They also utilised paid and organic social to promote the pre-event games, and prompted users to visit the hub upon purchasing a ticket via the Froth Town website. As for the post-event 20 Words or Less card, attendees were promoted to visit the hub again via post-event eDM communications.



Across the duration of the campaign, Bar Pop was able to engage over 4,500 prospective and actual attendees with an impressive Hub engagement rate of 85%. The game concepts featured on the hub were played over 3,800 times by these users, with significant traffic (37% to be exact) coming on-hub via their social referrals and paid ads. Using the Komo Hub alone, Bar Pop was able to gather the rich data of over 2,300 unique users, building their knowledge base of their target audience and allowing them to remarket to them for future events and activations.

Where this campaign really shone was in its clever use of rewards. By offering prizing that could be redeemed exclusively at the event, Bar Pop was able to trigger users to perform an action, that action being a ticket purchase or attendance at the event. Similarly with their post-event game concept, associating event feedback with a relevant prize altered the behaviour of their audience. How many times have you received a post-event survey and taken no action at all? By harnessing the power of play and reward, Bar Pop was able to collect the rich post-event data they were looking for with ease.



Here's what Chris Bausor, Bar Pop's Director and Co-Founder had to say about his experience with the Komo Platform and our team!

“We had a great time putting together our Komo campaign for Froth Town 2022.  The Scratch and Win game was so fun and provided us an opportunity to give away customer incentives to purchase tickets to our festival.  The activation worked so well and we reached our goal of entries without any digital spend.

Our team is very much looking forward to using the platform again in the future as the need for creative ways to market continues to increase year on year.”


Check out one of the cards they used below...

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