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Top Client Activations of 2022

Let’s have a look at what our top 5 Client Activations were for 2022, along with some key campaign details and what they helped to achieve for our amazing clients!

As we (very speedily!) approach the end of another year, Team Komo have spent some time reflecting on some of the incredible client activations that have graced the Komo platform in the last 12 months.

We’ve introduced some of the world’s biggest brands to the Komo Platform this past year, and have seen these enterprises create some of the best consumer promotions we’ve ever seen. These campaigns have allowed our clients to connect more effectively with their audiences, capture rich zero and first-party data and reward users with some incredible prizes using our Mastercard® integration and the Komo Digital Coupons. 

As well as huge results from our clients, these activations have well and truly put Komo on the MarTech map and allowed us to make leaps and bounds in our business, too!

So let’s have a look at what our top Client Activations were for 2022, along with some key campaign details and what they helped to achieve for our amazing clients!


1. Williams Racing Name on the Car Data Capture Campaign 

Group 442-1This 2022 client activation had one of the most epic prizes for any F1 lover. Komo client, Williams Racing, created a data capture campaign using the Komo Platform, encouraging users to impart their first-party data in return for a chance to win their name on a Williams Formula 1 car. William’s reach for this consumer promotion was enormous, with incredible numbers in terms of entries and impressions. Collecting rich data and building a user base is a big part of today's marketing world. This campaign showed just how advantageous a value exchange can be in encouraging users to impart their data.


2. Football Australia Team of the Century Picker Campaign 

Group 441-1Football Australia hosted one of the most incredible sports consumer promotions of all time this year. They used our new Picker Card to give fans the opportunity to choose from all of the team’s players over the last 100 years to form their ideal team of the century! This campaign had a huge reach and created heated public discussion among fans about the players they’d chosen and the impact they had. This is an excellent example of how Komo’s immersive hubs can generate debate and dialogue for brands and sporting organisations alike.


3. Bar Pop x Froth Town 2022

Group 443-2The team at Barpop were seeking a strategy to increase interest and excitement about the then-upcoming Froth Town - Perth’s renowned craft beer festival. Komo gave Barpop the ability to create an engaging Scratch & Win competition to give festival-goers the chance to win one of the festival-release beers on show at the event. Users entered their details in a data capture form, engaged with the game by using the scratch mechanic and were sent an SMS digital coupon if they’d won that could be redeemed at the event. Along with this, Barpop also created various quizzes, secret code games, polls and more to increase engagement pre, during and post-event. This campaign created new excitement around the iconic Froth Town event, increasing individual brand and product recall of organisations involved. The campaign also saw a high completion rate on the Scratch & Win mechanic, our most popular instant-win game!

4. A-Leagues Season Leaderboard Ladder Picker 

Group 440-2

At the beginning of our work with the A-Leagues, the league created a Ladder Picker using the Komo Picker Card for fans to guess the final standings at the end of the season. The A-Leagues are seeing some great results come out of this campaign, an excellent achievement after separating from Football Australia and reinventing their whole brand in the last 12 months. As well as improving their brand awareness, this campaign, similar to Football Australia’s Team of the Century Picker, created significant fan dialogue on social channels about the outcomes for this season.


5. Foxtel Rewards ‘House of the Dragon’ Premier Scratch & Win Campaign 

Group 439-1

The Foxtel Rewards ‘House of the Dragon’ Premier campaign is one of Team Komo’s absolute favourite client activations from the year that was! For the two weeks leading up to the first airing, plus every week that a new episode aired, Foxtel Rewards gave their loyal members a chance to win a free Crust pizza to enjoy as they watched their new favourite show. This was a great use of our most popular instant-win game to entice users to grab their free pizza and tune into a new episode of Foxtel’s newest show. This campaign also saw a very high returning user percentage!

So that wraps up our favourite client activations from 2022! We're so excited to see what incredible, unique and immersive ideas our clients come up with in the year ahead. 

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